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    Feedback #4: Marshall McLuhan and the Arts & EDGY MEDIA Symposium

    Friday, February 22, 2019

      Windsor Opening & Public Reception: Friday, 1 March 2019, 7-10 pm, SoCA Gallery and Veteran’s Hall – Armouries Building School of Creative Arts, University of Windsor 37 University Ave. E., Windsor, ON Photo Credit: Nadja Pelkey Originally commissioned by West den Haag, Netherlands in 2017, Feedback #4: Marshall McLuhan and the Artstakes place as an entangled exhibition between the galleries of the School of Creative Arts, University of Windsor (17 February – 8 March 2019), Canada and its cross-border partner, the College for Creative Studies, Detroit (15 February…

  • ReconnaissanceH+S_Poster

    Reconnaissance, Heart + Soul: A Participatory Strata-Walk

    Wednesday, October 18, 2017

      Please join IN/TERMINUS and the Hamilton Perambulatory Unit for a participatory Strata-Walk in downtown Windsor: Meet at the Art Gallery of Windsor, Friday 20 October, 12:00 pm. Free coffee! The metaphor that downtowns have a “heart” or “soul” lends emotional weight to the dense historical and cultural layers that define city life. Our collaboration combines stratigraphic cartography with the military practice of reconnaissance, enquiring into the relationship between the historic military presence in Windsor’s urban centre and current locations of its “heart and soul.”…

  • Michael Darroch

    Edmund Carpenter and Canadian Media Art Histories

    Wednesday, April 5, 2017

        In/Terminus Co-Director Dr. Michael Darroch delivers his presentation “Edmund Carpenter and Canadian Media Studies,” as part of the Humanities Research Group’s Martin Wesley Lecture Series, 5 April 2017, 4:00-6:00 pm. Katzman Lounge at the University of Windsor.  

  • LifeInTheSoil_2017_WorkshopPoster_SoilTexture_DARKER

    Life in the Soil

    Monday, February 20, 2017

      We are pleased to invite you to join us on March 7-9th 2017 for Life in the Soil, a 3-day interdisciplinary event presented in collaboration between Jennifer Willet, Amanda White, Alana Bartol and hosted by the INCUBATOR Lab at the School of Creative Arts, University of Windsor. Life in the Soil will feature Interactive workshops, excursions, and participatory discussions led by artists, activists, farmers, and scholars who are each invested in the scientific, indigenous, embodied and practical knowledge about the vital nature of soils. Please note that Life in the Soil is FREE…

  • EXP-2

    2017-18 MFA Research Assistantship – SSHRC Media Archive Project

    Wednesday, December 21, 2016

    2017-18 MFA Research Assistantship Dr. Michael Darroch SSHRC-funded project: Patterns that Connect: Re-Curating the Anthropological Media Studies of Edmund Carpenter School of Creative Arts, University of Windsor, CANADA Application Deadline: Feb 01, 2017   Dr. Michael Darroch, Co-Director of the IN/TERMINUS Creative Research Collective, is seeking an MFA student interested in pursuing graduate education with an interest in media history, archival studies, and digital database infrastructure. You will work with Dr. Darroch and his SSHRC Research Team (Dr. Janine Marchessault, York University; Dr. Hart Cohen,…

  • InTerminus-Top-Logo-520

    2017-18 MFA Research Assistantship – IN/TERMINUS

    Tuesday, December 20, 2016

    Join the IN/TERMINUS Creative Research Collective as an MFA Student! www.interminus.org School of Creative Arts, University of Windsor, CANADA Application Deadline: Feb 01, 2017 We are seeking an incoming MFA student interested in pursuing graduate studies with an emphasis on cities and city life. Research may combine historical urban studies with new approaches to urban space and neighbourhood transformation in relationship to creative practice; new narratives of city life; the intersection of media and urban cultures; and urban border studies. The ideal candidate will have…

  • Stephen Wilson Header

    Guest Speaker Dr. Stephen Wilson

    Tuesday, November 10, 2015

    In/Terminus and SoCA Present: Encompassing Art and Bioinsecurity Thursday, November 19, 2015 @ 4pm                                                                                          University of Windsor, Lebel Building                                             …

  • Stories Header

    Stories of the City Exhibition

    Sunday, November 8, 2015

    Stories of the City is a wide-ranging exhibition that includes work from over 35 artists, architects and designers whose practices explore the contemporary urban experience.  Contributions from students enrolled in the Curating as Cultural Practice and Urban Ecologies courses in the School of Creative Arts (University of Windsor), accompany new work by faculty and alumni from the school. Additionally, nationally and internationally recognized artists from Canada and abroad have contributed media works to the exhibition. The exhibition is curated by the IN/TERMINUS Research Group and…

  • headerCFS

    Stories of the City: Call for Submissions

    Tuesday, August 18, 2015

      The cities of Windsor and Detroit have been undergoing a significant transformation in the last few years. Yet shedding the familiar stories of the city–those of economic hardship and industrial decline–has been slower to come. The Interminus research collective is organizing a month long exhibition in November 2015 that will focus on new narratives of post-industrial cities and alternative approaches to urban renewal. While the exhibition will begin with the local urban ecologies of Windsor and Detroit, we invite submissions from other cities undergoing…

  • armouries

    Looking for Windsor Armouries Photographs

    Tuesday, August 18, 2015

      Armouries Re:Collect is a University of Windsor initiative that seeks contributions for a community memory project that is focused around the Windsor Armouries and the former Greyhound Bus Depot.   Over 2014-17, the Windsor Armouries is becoming part of the new home of the University of Windsor’s School of Creative Arts and the former Greyhound Bus Depot a part of the University’s downtown campus. To celebrate the important community legacy of these public spaces, the IN/TERMINUS Creative Research Collective is launching the Armouries RE:Collect…


HomeWork II: Long Forms / Short Utopias

Join IN/TERMINUS, the Art Gallery of Windsor, the Trillium Foundation, and the Ontario Arts Council in supporting Broken City Lab‘s second Homework conference: Long Forms / Short Utopias, 8-10 November at the Art Gallery of Windsor and Civic Space.   Homework II: Long Forms / Short Utopias is a three-day conference and collaboratively-written publication that will aim to unfold the ways in which we construct, articulate, and practice ideas of micro-utopias, pop-up ideals, collaboration, and long-term social engagement in Ontario, across Canada, and abroad. The conference…


BioART: Contemporary Art & the Life Sciences

Science, Art and Ecology intersect in the Ontario Science Centre’s !dea Gallery from October 5, 2013 to February 2, 2014 during an innovative exhibition showcasing the work of thirteen Bioart students from the University of Windsor’s INCUBATOR Lab. Founded by Dr. Jennifer Willet in 2009, INCUBATOR is a hybrid laboratory where students research and explore ideas and practices in the leading-edge field of bioart. An art installation in its own right, the exhibition will form a panoramic view of the laboratory as the background for…



Saturday October 05 2013 7:00 pm – 7:00 am the next day ECO NUIT PARADE will bring cutting-edge bioart practices to the Toronto audiences through an interdisciplinary art/science parade Bioart is a form of contemporary art that uses living biology as its media. The ECO NUIT PARADE will feature bioart projects that consider the local ecology from a variety of art and technology perspectives. Our parade will be a “Night Cavalcade” utilizing illumination – digital media – and phosphorescence – to convert the downtown Toronto…

dude with mounties

Undocumented: A workshop for those without papers in Windsor and Detroit

While it is often presumed the Windsor-Detroit border is relatively easy to cross, many residents have been unable to visit their neighboring city since strict passport regulations came into effect in 2009. This workshop will be co-hosted with Windsor’s Broken City Lab and the Interminus Research Group to examine the uneven access to passports that impacts both new immigrants and lower income groups in Windsor and Detroit. As both cities have high unemployment rates, significant numbers of residents are unable to visit the other side….

unreal estate guide to detroit

Book launch: The Unreal Estate Guide to Detroit

Rather than seeing Detroit as an urban problem that needs to be solved, Andrew Herscher suggests that we regard Detroit as a “novel urban formation” and a site “where new ways of imagining, inhabiting, and constructing the contemporary city are being invented, tested and advanced.” Herscher is a writer and theorist whose work considers architectural and urban forms of political violence; his research has focused on locations as seemingly disparate as the former Yugoslavia and, more recently, Detroit. He teaches at the University of Michigan…

a symposium hosted by the University of Windsor, the Art Gallery of Windsor and the in/terminus research group

Diversions: Detroit-Windsor Conversations on Borders, Traffic, and Circulation

Windsor’s urban character has been closely tied to Detroit’s rise and fall. This symposium seeks to change the conversation about borders in the Windsor-Detroit region through inviting prominent artists and researchers to consider the obstacles and mobilities that have emerged in this urban locale. This symposium is hosted by IN/TERMINUS, The Border Bookmobile, the Art Gallery of Windsor, and the Media and Urban Life Project (McGill) and takes place March 8-9, 2013. All panel discussions on Friday, March 8 are open to the public at…

dude with mounties

Migration and Narration: A panel discussion on North America’s multiple borderlands

While border issues have been at the forefront of American news media in the last decade, the material traces and individual stories of migration across these international boundaries has largely been sidelined in the post 9/11 security climate. This discussion brings together a panel of local experts on migration and borders to present multiple perspectives on North America’s three international borderlands: Guatemala-Mexico, Mexico-U.S., and the U.S.-Canada border. The panel will address the challenges involved in writing about borders and will contextualize the complicated political and…

Bio bodies salon


The BioBODIES SALON features two extraordinary speakers addressing new bio-art practices at the intersection of art + science + technology. Jennifer Willet from the University of Windsor hosts theorist and artist Shannon Bell (York University) and artist Kira O’Reilly (Queen Mary, University of London) in exciting presentations and discussion about the transformation of bodies through bio-art and bio-technological practices. The night will conclude with cocktails and casual conversation with the speakers. The BioBODIES SALON takes place Thursday, Jan. 31 from 8-10 p.m. at Villains Beastro,…

bookmobile patron

The Border Bookmobile public archive and reading room

The Border Bookmobile is a cross-border community archive containing books, artist projects, photographs, videos, maps and ephemera about the urban history the Windsor-Detroit area and other border regions. The project aims to reposition local history within the context of international borders, chronicling the shifting relationship between the two communities as post-9/11 border policies continue to drive a wedge between these two cities, cities that were once intricately connected. Over the past three years, the Border Bookmobile traveled throughout Windsor and Detroit as a mobile exhibition…

in/terminus speakers series … Moving plants: toward an aesthetics of phytodynamics

A ‘plant’ is generally regarded as a biological entity that is rooted to a particular location – an interesting coincidence of etymology and existential condition. This idea of a biological entity that is fixed to a particular place and (therefore?) lacking in sensitivity, inherited from Aristotelian biology, continues to have a stranglehold on our understanding of a plant. While Anaxagoras, Empedocles and even Plato accorded sensitivity to plants, Aristotle and his strict distinction of animals from plants by way of one’s capacity to move and…

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