Reconnaissance, Heart + Soul: A Participatory Strata-Walk



Please join IN/TERMINUS and the Hamilton Perambulatory Unit for a participatory Strata-Walk in downtown Windsor:

Meet at the Art Gallery of Windsor, Friday 20 October, 12:00 pm. Free coffee!

The metaphor that downtowns have a “heart” or “soul” lends emotional weight to the dense historical and cultural layers that define city life. Our collaboration combines stratigraphic cartography with the military practice of reconnaissance, enquiring into the relationship between the historic military presence in Windsor’s urban centre and current locations of its “heart and soul.” Windsor’s Armouries represent a late 19th/early 20th century civic structure that traditionally occupied the “heart” of the city, representing a form of fortification and security that has lost relevance. Starting from the Armouries (soon the University of Windsor’s School of Creative Arts), our participatory “strata walks” map ways in which traditional forms of security and surveillance have shifted, disappeared, or morphed into new contexts.

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