Public Forum: Borders in Globalization

The IN/TERMINUS Creative Research Collective, the Transnational Law and Justice Network, and the Cross-Border Institute are pleased to announce the Public Forum: BORDERS IN GLOBALIZATION: Bridging Politics, Law, Culture:

24 February 2014, St. Paul’s Hall, 2nd Floor, Canterbury College, University of Windsor, 12:00 – 2:30 pm


Join us and our three Keynote Speakers for an open-to-the-public discussion bridging political, legal, and cultural dimensions of contemporary and future Border Studies. How does our pivotal location within Canada-US borderlands position us to embrace new directions of Border Studies in the 21st century?

Keynote speakers:

Dr. Emmanuel Brunet-Jailly is Associate Professor in the School of Public Administration at the University of Victoria and Director of the SSHRC Partnership Grant Borders in Globalization. Dr. Brunet-Jailly is also Co-Director of the Local Government Institute, Director of the European Studies Program and European Union Center of Excellence, and Jean Monnet Chair in EU Border and Urban Region Policies.

Dr. Victor Konrad is Adjunct Research Professor in Geography and Environmental Studies at Carleton University and Co-Director of the SSHRC Partnership Grant Borders in Globalization. Dr. Konrad was the founding Executive Director of the Fulbright Program between Canada and the United States from 1990 to 2002.

Stephen Vogel is Professor of Architecture at the University of Detroit-Mercy and a Senior Principal of the Detroit Collaborative Design Center. Professor Vogel was Dean of Architecture at the University of Detroit-Mercy from 1993 to 2011.

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