IN/TERMINUS brings together researchers and artists committed to exploring the boundaries between media, arts, science, technologies, and the built environment. The Centre treats research creation, intermediality, visual culture and the culture of cities as a field of interrelated inquiry and activity. Our research activity begins with the understanding that arts, media, science, and technologies form a constantly shifting environment that transforms human relations and social memory. As such, the Centre’s understanding of ecology places as much emphasis upon the histories of media, art, architecture and urban planning as upon contemporary issues in digital mediation, biotechnologies, and sustainable urban design.

The term ‘terminus’ connotes both endings and beginnings. This tension nourishes the IN/TERMINUS Centre’s engagement with Windsor/Detroit, an urban region characterised by multiple real and symbolic borders. Our location on the border and the NAFTA trade corridor provides a unique perspective on intersections between art practices, communication, citizenship, democracy and the experiences of urban and suburban dwelling.

IN/TERMINUS continues a longstanding Canadian tradition of connecting interdisciplinary scholarship with pedagogy in arts and media studies. Our methodology is informed by the notion of ‘cultural ecology,’ developed in part by the Toronto School of Communication, where space and the environment provide a framework for analysing the effects of art, media and technologies on the culture of cities. Toronto School scholars viewed inquiry and experience-based pedagogical praxis as essential to a cross-disciplinary programme to cut across the arts, humanities and sciences by treating them as a continuum. In recognising connections between urban, medial, artistic, environmental, and pedagogical spaces, IN/TERMINUS contributes to re-imagining cities and re-defining the role of the university in urban life. The Centre works to foster greater civic engagement between the University of Windsor research community and the City of Windsor, as well as the City of Detroit and surrounding regions.

IN/TERMINUS is committed to:

  • stimulating Cross-disciplinary collaboration in faculty and graduate research connecting media, art and city life;

  • developing Critical Urban Media Art Projects as a vehicle to re-imagine and transform urban experience in changing cultural, technological, environmental, and economic conditions;

  • co-ordinating an annual Speakers Series;

  • designing innovative and cross-disciplinary, undergraduate and graduate, Experience-based Learning Environments;

  • Disseminating Research through scholarly and creative publications, exhibits, curatorial projects, and presentations;

  • building a Corpus of Research Projects and ideas from which local decision-makers, stakeholders and community leaders can draw.


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