Stories of the City: Call for Submissions


  The cities of Windsor and Detroit have been undergoing a significant transformation in the last few years. Yet shedding the familiar stories of the city–those of economic hardship and industrial decline–has been slower to come. The Interminus research collective is organizing a month long exhibition in November 2015 that will focus on new narratives of post-industrial cities and alternative approaches to urban renewal. While the exhibition will begin with the local urban ecologies of Windsor and Detroit, we invite submissions from other cities undergoing…

Looking for Windsor Armouries Photographs


  Armouries Re:Collect is a University of Windsor initiative that seeks contributions for a community memory project that is focused around the Windsor Armouries and the former Greyhound Bus Depot.   Over 2014-17, the Windsor Armouries is becoming part of the new home of the University of Windsor’s School of Creative Arts and the former Greyhound Bus Depot a part of the University’s downtown campus. To celebrate the important community legacy of these public spaces, the IN/TERMINUS Creative Research Collective is launching the Armouries RE:Collect…

Sounding the City


Please join IN/TERMINUS and the NOISEBORDER ENSEMBLE for the Artist Talk SOUNDING THE CITY Jen Reimer and Max Stein (Montreal) Lambton Studio A, 1pm-2pm March 31, 2014 Since 2008, Jen Reimer and Max Stein have created a series of immersive audiovisual performances in challenging abandoned, public and transient locations, including underground tunnels, subway stations, high-traffic viaducts and abandoned warehouses in Montréal and abroad. Their talk will focus on their collaborative approach, past performances and installations, residencies and future projects. SOUNDING THE CITY is part of…

Cultural Mediations of the Visual: At the Nexus of Database, Narrative, and Archive


Please join IN/TERMINUS and the HUMANITIES RESEARCH GROUP in welcoming DR. HART COHEN for his presentation: CULTURAL MEDIATIONS OF THE VISUAL: AT THE NEXUS OF DATABASE, NARRATIVE, AND ARCHIVE   Hart Cohen is the Chief Investigator of the project Digital Archives and Discoverability: Conceptualising the Strehlow collection as a new knowledge resource for remote indigenous communities. He is also an Associate Professor at the School of Humanities and Communication Arts, University of Western Sydney. From the mid 1990s Dr. Cohen’s research engagements have centred on the Strehlow…

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