Diversions: Detroit-Windsor Conversations on Borders, Traffic, and Circulation

a symposium hosted by the University of Windsor, the Art Gallery of Windsor and the in/terminus research group

Windsor’s urban character has been closely tied to Detroit’s rise and fall. This symposium seeks to change the conversation about borders in the Windsor-Detroit region through inviting prominent artists and researchers to consider the obstacles and mobilities that have emerged in this urban locale. This symposium is hosted by IN/TERMINUS, The Border Bookmobile, the Art Gallery of Windsor, and the Media and Urban Life Project (McGill) and takes place March 8-9, 2013. All panel discussions on Friday, March 8 are open to the public at…

Migration and Narration: A panel discussion on North America’s multiple borderlands

dude with mounties

While border issues have been at the forefront of American news media in the last decade, the material traces and individual stories of migration across these international boundaries has largely been sidelined in the post 9/11 security climate. This discussion brings together a panel of local experts on migration and borders to present multiple perspectives on North America‚Äôs three international borderlands: Guatemala-Mexico, Mexico-U.S., and the U.S.-Canada border. The panel will address the challenges involved in writing about borders and will contextualize the complicated political and…

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