Bio bodies salon

The BioBODIES SALON features two extraordinary speakers addressing new bio-art practices at the intersection of art + science + technology. Jennifer Willet from the University of Windsor hosts theorist and artist Shannon Bell (York University) and artist Kira O’Reilly (Queen Mary, University of London) in exciting presentations and discussion about the transformation of bodies through bio-art and bio-technological practices. The night will conclude with cocktails and casual conversation with the speakers. The BioBODIES SALON takes place Thursday, Jan. 31 from 8-10 p.m. at Villains Beastro,…

The Border Bookmobile public archive and reading room

bookmobile patron

The Border Bookmobile is a cross-border community archive containing books, artist projects, photographs, videos, maps and ephemera about the urban history the Windsor-Detroit area and other border regions. The project aims to reposition local history within the context of international borders, chronicling the shifting relationship between the two communities as post-9/11 border policies continue to drive a wedge between these two cities, cities that were once intricately connected. Over the past three years, the Border Bookmobile traveled throughout Windsor and Detroit as a mobile exhibition…

in/terminus speakers series … Moving plants: toward an aesthetics of phytodynamics

A ‘plant’ is generally regarded as a biological entity that is rooted to a particular location – an interesting coincidence of etymology and existential condition. This idea of a biological entity that is fixed to a particular place and (therefore?) lacking in sensitivity, inherited from Aristotelian biology, continues to have a stranglehold on our understanding of a plant. While Anaxagoras, Empedocles and even Plato accorded sensitivity to plants, Aristotle and his strict distinction of animals from plants by way of one’s capacity to move and…

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